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Dental Insurance

We want to make sure you have access to the dental program and plans that fit your budget and your employees’ needs. That’s why CBIA Health Connections offers employers the choice of either group dental insurance or voluntary dental insurance. Either way, you’re getting a great program with valuable plans that give employees access to the dental care they need.


Group Dental Insurance


CBIA Health Connections offers a variety of affordable group dental insurance plans through Aetna. These plans are exclusive to CBIA and offer a choice of in-network only and in-and-out of network plans with or without orthodontic coverage.


Learn about CBIA Health Connections group dental insurance here.


Currently enrolled in a pre-2015 dental plan? Go here.


Voluntary Dental Insurance


Employers don’t need a lot of money to provide competitive benefits. With CBIA Health Connections’ voluntary dental plans, they can offer cost-effective benefits while employees choose whether to participate and cover the costs. CBIA Health Connections offers five voluntary dental plans through Ameritas.


Learn more about CBIA Health Connections voluntary dental insurance here.