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ConnectiCare Medicare Advantage

CBIA Health Connections offers two Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug plans (MAPD).

Medicare Advantage Point-Of-Service plans use ConnectiCare’s network of contracted providers. However, there is no requirement to have a Primary Care Physician (PCP) and services rendered in or out of network cost the same from anywhere in the USA as long as enrollees use Medicare-approved providers.

There is a lot to consider before joining the plan, especially if you are currently in a Medicare Supplement plan. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions and Benefit Summary for more detailed information about the how MAPD plans work and what this plan covers.

The prescription drug plan is a Part D plan and meets CMS requirements.

Members may call ConnectiCare customer service at 800.224.2273.

Enrollment Policy

The Federal Government has very stringent policies pertaining to enrollment and disenrollment in Medicare.

View the ConnectiCare Medicare Advantage Group Agreement.


Enrollment Instructions:

  1. Complete the ConnectiCare VIP Medicare Group Health Plan Enrollment form.
  2. Complete the Health Connections Enrollment/Change Form.
  3. Make three copies of the ConnectiCare form.
  4. Return the original and one copy to CBIA. Employer retains the second copy. Employee retains the third copy.
  5. Remember to include a copy of the employee's Medicare card showing active coverage in Parts A&B.

Please note: Qualified enrollees must submit their paperwork to CBIA prior to the requested effective date of coverage.


All Information and Forms: