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CBIA Health Connections
Medicare plan from Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield



creditable coverage notificationCBIA Health Connections participants can take advantage of Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield's Medicare solution for medicare-eligible employees, dependents, and retirees.


CBIA Offers Plan F with a 3-tier, unlimited pharmacy plan with $10/25/40 copays for only $363.86/month.

The premium reflects Plan F and the 3-tier prescription drug plan. The prescription drug plan is creditable according to CMS guidelines.


Anthem Drug List/Formulary


Note: The Medicare rate renews on January 1 regardless of a company's renewal date.


To see who qualifies for this plan, please refer to this TEFRA/DEFRA chart. For retired employees, an employer must have elected to offer retiree benefits to qualified individuals. If you're not sure what retirement option was elected, please contact CBIA Customer Service at 860-525-2242. Employees must also have Medicare Parts A & B in effect to qualify for this benefit.


Enrollment Policy

The Federal Government has very stringent policies pertaining to enrollment and disenrollment in Medicare.


Enrollment Instructions:

  1. Complete the Anthem Membership Enrollment form.
  2. Complete the Health Connections Enrollment/Change Form
  3. Make three copies of the Anthem form.
  4. Return the original and one copy to CBIA. Employer retains the second copy. Employee retains the third copy.
  5. Remember to include a copy of the employee's Medicare card showing active coverage in Parts A&B.

Please note: Qualified enrollees must submit their paperwork to CBIA prior to the requested effective date of coverage.


All Information and Forms: