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Connecticut Paid Family & Medical Leave

CBIA has partnered with The Hartford to offer a private Connecticut Paid and Family Medical Leave (PFML) plan to CBIA members.


How to request a quote

To request a quote, we simply need a census in Excel that includes birth date, gender, salary, and work state for all employees including part-time, temporary, and seasonal workers. Employees can not opt-out of coverage.

Agents should send quote requests to Tom Goszewski at tom.goszewski@cbia.com.

If you have any questions about the program, please email Tom or call him at 959.282.4742.

What is it?

The Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave Act of 2019 was enacted to provide wage replacement benefits to eligible workers in Connecticut who need time off from work to:

  • Welcome and bond with a new child (through birth, adoption, or foster placement)
  • Care for a seriously ill family member
  • Tend to their own serious health condition, not related to their job
  • Donate an organ or bone marrow
  • Care for and/or support the needs of a family member in the military
  • Tend to personal needs as a victim of family violence

Employers may choose to offer a private PFML plan or participate in the state program to distribute benefits. Our program is an alternative to the state-run plan and gives employers a streamlined, integrated approach to administration and claims.


Who is eligible?

This program is available to CBIA members with two or more employees.* Employees are eligible for PFML benefits if they:

  • Have earned at least $2,325 in one quarter over the previous five quarters
  • Have worked for an eligible employer* for at least 12 weeks

Why go private?


Our private plan offers the same benefits, protections, and rights as the state plan.


Our private plan can offer employers significant savings because, unlike the state, we use the company’s demographics to determine rates. And, for employers who choose to go private, no premium is due until January 2022 which means they can potentially save up to one year of employee tax deductions.**

Service & Administration

CBIA members that participate in our insurance program enjoy a superior administration experience. Our insurance infrastructure is well-established is designed for high-volume, complex transactions.

Employees who submit claims will have access to The Hartford’s outstanding customer service and processing center which will get income replacement benefits to them quickly and efficiently.

If a company purchases disability benefits through CBIA Health Connections, they will appreciate the efficiency and simplicity of having disability and paid leave benefits coordinated by one company.


CT Paid Family Medical Leave FAQ



Connecticut Paid FML and Disability Insurance

Complementary benefits, not replacements.

Learn more about our Long- and Short-term disability coverage here.


Important information for employers

Employers that choose to explore a private PFML solution and request a quote must follow certain guidelines set by the State. Please review employer guidelines here.


Paid FML Forms


* Eligibility

  • Companies with 2-9 employees must have 2 additional lines of coverage with CBIA Health Connections
  • Companies with 10-24 employees must have 1 additional line of coverage with CBIA Health Connections
  • Companies with 25+ employees can offer PFML without additional lines of coverage with CBIA Health Connections

** An employer must be approved for a private PFML plan before employee tax deductions can stop. The timing of that approval determines when tax deductions can stop.