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Free HRA Administration Service

CBIA's no-cost HRA administration service is available to groups that meet the following criteria:

  • The group must be a CBIA member company participating in CBIA Health Connections.
  • The service must be established at a group's effective/renewal date. (no partial year)

Employers can choose up to two HRAs with each HRA linked to one of the following eligible HC plans:

  • POS $35/$50-$4,000/50%
  • POS $40/$50-$3,800/30%
  • POS $40/$50-$3,500/35%
  • POS $30/$50-$3,000/25%
  • POS $25/$50-$2,500/20%
  • POS $30/$45-$1,800
  • FlexPOS $40/$50-$4,500/40% (ConnectiCare groups only)


The HRA must be limited to covering unreimbursed deductible expenses on the above plans (excluding any prescription deductible).

Maximum reimbursement must be no more than 75% of the deductible expressed as a percentage or dollar amount.

The secure HRA section of the CBIA agent website contains more information on the program including interactive exhibits, training modules, forms, and other sales tools.


HRA Plan Document Creation

For clients who do not use CBIA's HRA adminstration service, you can create a simple HRA plan document.