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CBIA Workers' Comp Program


The CBIA Workers’ Comp Program offers a competitively priced insurance solution to Connecticut manufacturers of metal, plastic, and electronics that operate within certain manufacturing class codes. It fully meets state coverage requirements for eligible Connecticut manufacturers.


Built-in Cost Savings

“CBIA Workers’ Comp rates have always been very competitive. And their managed care and onsite loss control services have been valuable tools for us!”

Rachel Albanese, Controller
Carpin Manufacturing, Inc.

The program is owned by policyholders and has a significant cost advantage over Workers’ Comp insurance purchased through commercial insurers—profits are used to reduce the price, not to pay shareholders or investors.

In addition, the program includes a loss-sensitive dividend. This rewards participating companies that have prioritized workplace safety and successfully controlled their losses to share profits.


Program Highlights


Built-in cost controls > Profits are used to reduce price; Annual loss-sensitive dividend for high performers
On-site loss control and risk management services > We can identify workplace hazards before they can cause a claim
Managed care services > We work with a network of medical providers who have occupational health expertise
Planning and training > We analyze data, develop prevention strategies, and provide safety training to protect workers
Getting back to full capacity > We can help find early return-to-work opportunities for injured employees
Subrogation services and fraud investigation > We offer alternative dispute resolution options to minimize legal fees and settlement costs


Outstanding Administration and Service

  • Local office claims administration; three-point contact between employer, doctor, and employee
  • 24 hour claim reporting; Claims fax number: 855.874.1288
  • Negotiated rates and discounts with health care providers
  • Monthly billing schedule to ease cash flow


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CBIA Comp Services is a mutual company for Connecticut manufacturers owned by its insured members and designed to lower and stabilize member workers’ compensation costs. The program is administered by FutureComp.