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Covered prescription drugs and supplies are put into categories (i.e. tiers) to designate how they are to be covered and the member's cost-share. The placement of a drug or supply into one of the tiers is determined by the carrier's pharmacy services department based on the drug's or supply's clinical effectiveness and cost, not always on whether it is a generic drug or supply or brand name drug/supply. Be sure to check each carrier's drug list via the links below to determine your cost-share and for tier and drug classifications.


HSA benefit for preventive drugs

All HSA-compatible plans include a pharmacy benefit that encourages the use of certain preventive medications to manage chronic conditions. This means that many covered preventive drugs are not subject to the plan deductible. Copays and coinsurance still apply.


How to Look Up Prescription Drug Formularies

Mail Order Prescriptions

  • Mail order drugs are dispensed at 2x the retail prescription co-pay or cost share.
    Mail order availability and cost-share for specialty drugs vary by carrier. See specific carrier documents for more information.


Express Scripts


Mail Order Form



Harvard Pilgrim

MedImpact Direct (effective Oct. 1, 2017 - see announcement)


Mail Order Form


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